Ruben Soto Films is a creative arm of the life of Ruben Soto; a creative force that grew out of the streets of Echo Park, California.  We have completed one film "Willoughby," a docu-drama based upon Ruben's true life experiences which take you through the trials of gang life to building a life on his dreams and ambition.  

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A man is shot five times and struggles with his will to live.

Synopsis: Ruben Soto grew up in Echo Park and became a part of a notorious gang.  Without warning, he and his friends are fired upon; Ruben is shot five times and is taken to the hospital.  While unconscious, Ruben's live flashes before him.  He drifts between life and visions of a future life as a renowned LA Muralist.  Neither doctors nor fame can comfort him as his life slips away.  He struggles with his will to live and face the consequences of a hopeful yet uncertain destiny.  This film is based upon Ruben's true story. 

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Growing up without heroes can lead to dancing with the devil.

The streets of Echo Park, near downtown Los Angeles, in the 1970's as a 11 year old teenager looking for support in a disconnected family.  Where do you turn, where do you find the wherewithal to  survive the streets...gangs.  Gangs provide the camaraderie and direction of meaning and survival.  "Smile Now, Cry Later" tell the story of how Ruben Soto grew up finding companionship with fighting for yourself and your  This is a true story where kids do whatever it take to make it even when you follow someone on a collision  course to hell.